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Competitor Intelligence eCommerce


Analyze trends and patterns in your business and across your competitors’ businesses.


Single source of truth for informed decision making

With the ability to connect hundreds of data sources, our platform gives you access to an incredible breadth of data. You can plug and play sources as needed with our modular and flexible system.

eCommerce revenue growth

Key performance indicators for the entire breadth of your eCommerce business.

Financial metrics indicating your business health.

Key metrics indicating performance of your products and categories.

Metrics indicating your overall acquisition and digital marketing performance.
Logistics and Orders

Key metrics tracking your orders and fulfilment.
Want to see your data in our dashboards? 


Connecting all the dots requires superhuman effort. That's why we rely on AI.

Every day, your eCommerce ecosystem generates high volumes of data, creating far too many KPIs to be tracked regularly. Machine learning models and heuristic algorithms decipher trends and patterns in your data, creating insights specifically curated for your business. 

AI in eCommerce
eCommerce growth technology

Competitor Intelligence

Discover how your competitors’ business is doing. Track your category, specific stores or product lines. 
Get the low down on how many SKUs are listed, pricing, promotions, units sold, delivery. We track it all.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market