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How to Make Correct SKU for Faster Listing

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Correct SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for faster listing

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a code tied to a particular product for internal use. Correct SKU is the very foundation of your store, you cannot mess with this one. These codes allow you to track your stocks and supplies and it helps a lot for listing in eCommerce marketplaces.

So, we must make an SKU that can be easily understood and used for faster listing in many kinds of marketplaces. Don't trouble yourself later because you have underestimated this. To get a correct SKU, you only need to apply these 4 simple rules:

1. Only use dot ' . ' or dash ' - ' symbols

This way you won't confuse yourself, the audience, or the spreadsheet. Symbols like ' / ' will sometimes cause format problems in your excel. While special symbols like ' @ ' or ' # ' become irrelevant when you use them in making SKU. And of course, don't use space.

2. Use both letter and number

Combine but don't mix when representing the information! Start with letters like the brand's of an item, because it's much easier to sort out later on.

Use one character for one variable. If you code the size of your items as number, like "15" for "S", do the same for "all size", don't write it as "ALL". You need some way to represent it, like "99" or whatsoever.

3. Don't reuse SKU

Make sure the SKU of an item is never used before. Yes it is unique, but please, double check your SKU. One item one SKU, even for the variations.

4. Make it short, simple and consistent!

This is the most important thing, consistency. Make sure everyone who makes the SKU really understands your rules when making your store SKU. This way, even your customers will know how to use them when searching for your items.


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