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Demolish data silos and get a single pane view of your eCommerce business - all in one platform.

eCommerce data visualization

Modular, Flexible, Real-Time

eCommerce data management

With the ability to connect hundreds of data sources, our platform gives you access to an incredible breadth of data. You can plug and play sources as needed with our modular and flexible system.


Your data must be reliable for you to make correct decisions. We pull data using standard APIs, ensuring that it is direct from the source and accurate.

eCommerce data management APIs
Real time eCommerce data Real Time Data

No more waiting till the end of the week to know how your eCommerce business is performing. Now get access to data in real time and act on it simultaneously.


eCommerce Marketplace data integration 
eCommerce D2C data integration 
ecommerce data analytics 
ecommerce data integration 

Your security is our priority

Every business must ensure data security and regulatory compliance.

Thus, we have built a governance framework into the system to ensure strict adherence and oversight. It constantly monitors key parameters, issues alerts when there is a potential breach, tracking and keeping records for audit purposes.

Built for reliability and scale.

Our AI engine is available as a SaaS product. Using the best cloud platform available, it provides flexibility and can automatically scale, allowing your operations to continue seamlessly.

The IP has been designed to be cloud agnostic, making it portable if necessary. Where applicable, the product and technology stacks make use of public cloud infrastructure.

eCommerce data analytics
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Break your data siloes. 
See our AI engine in action.

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