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2X your marketplace

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and recommendations from Graas

Unified view for all your marketplaces - Shopee, Lazada, TikTok and more.

Go beyond the Seller Center Analytics.

Get real-time insights and recommendations

to grow your brand on every marketplace. 

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eCommerce Marketplace Analytics - RCA
Your data is safe with us
Dipercaya oleh berbagai brand di eCommerce.

Let us help you figure out what works (and what doesn't)

Track everything,

One dashboard to view of all your stores and marketplaces - Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, TikTok and more.

Drive engagement and conversions with ease

Analyze and compare  ad creatives to see what truly resonates with your audience across all campaigns.

Analytics at your fingertips

Analyse and compare metrics across all stores, categories, SKUs and campaigns.


Optimize your marketing spends

Focus your budget on the campaigns and SKUs that drive the most sales with real-time insights.


Lazada vs Shopee vs
TikTok vs Zalora?

Compare channel performance and invest where you see the highest ROI.


Drill down in to 'Why', 
no more guessing

Get to the root causes behind traffic and conversion dips that impact revenue with just a double click.

Bid only on winning keywords

Bridge the gap between what you target and what customers search for with keyword analysis across channels.

AI-Powered recommendations

Access AI-powered insights and data-backed recommendations for your listings, targeting, and overall strategy.

How Graas helped brands increase sales on marketplace

Sportwear Brand

Location : Indonesia

Challenge :
Despite boosting the Ad Spends the brand’s GMV continued to decline.

Graas to the rescue: 

1. Ad Optimization: Graas insights and recommendations helped optimize for Keywords, Ad Creatives and placement.

2. Graas helped optimizing for Ad budgets in a way that the brand could offer great deals to customers while maintaining

Graas Impact : 

Shopee - 71% incrase in GMV in 3 months

Tokopedia - 46% increase in GMV in 3 months

Athleisure Brand

Location: Singapore

Objective :
The brand wanted to have effective promotional strategies focused on 11.11 sales.

Getting ready for a double date with Graas: 

1. Connected all marketplace stores, advertising channels, and inventory to Graas to manage and track the entire orders, campaigns, and inventory with a single dashboard.

2. Unique promotions and deep discount deals tailored to each marketplace were launched.


Graas Impact : 

Lazada - 22% increase in visitors

Shopee - 5% increase in AOV

48% increase in overall GMV

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