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Marketplace Store Management

Marketplace store management

A multi-channel integrated solution that enables you to sell across marketplaces

If you are managing multi-channel operations, it is time to consolidate your efforts. 

With Graas’ Marketplace Management solution, you can centralize your workflows and streamline your operations.  Access all marketplaces from a single dashboard.  Eliminate the need to navigate through multiple interfaces and manage your listings, campaigns, inventory, orders and fulfilment from one place. Leverage our AI engine for analytics and reporting. Save time and effort and improve efficiencies.


An integrated platform for consolidated view of performance and activities

Integrated Marketplace Management  Dashboard
Integrated  Dashboard

Ready to use dashboard that connects various channels. Custom integration to brand’s internal system, ERP, POS etc

Marketplace Listing Management
Listing Management

Manage live product listings across multiple sales channels from one dashboard

Marketplace Inventory Synchronization
Inventory Synchronization

Centralised inventory/stock count to maximise your selling potential

Marketplace Order Management
Order Management

Manage and track your entire order processing flow on a
central dashboard

Warehouse Automation
Warehouse Management

Transform your warehouse into a high-efficiency fulfillment center

Marketplace Settlement Consolidation
Settlement Consolidation

Reconcile and consolidate
payment from multiple

Campaign Optimization and Management
Campaign Management

Manage and track your
upcoming marketplace
promotions and campaigns 

eCommerce Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis

Learn how you stack up against competitors and drive results

Marketplace Analytics & Reporting
Analytics and Reporting

Key metrics and performance
parameters displayed in a single dashboard


Team of eCommerce experts to support marketplace operations and growth

Marketplace Account Management
Account Manager
  • Marketplace account creation

  • Mega campaigns planning & execution

  • Daily boosting with tools and mechanics

Marketplace Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue
  • Tailor listing to each marketplace

  • Search optimisation for visibility

  • Product kits, grouping & bundling

Smooth Buyer Experience
Buyer Experience
  • In-marketplace live chat support

  • Up-selling/Cross-selling

  • After sale service

  • Settlement follow up

  • Product image edit

  • Seasonal store decorations

  • Mega campaign banner creation

  • Description template

Regional Team
Regional Team
  • Localization of content

  • Regional specific promotions & campaigns

  • Live chat support in local language

Technology team
Technology Team
  • Maintenance, monitoring and hosting services during live operation of the platform

  • Custom integrations

Want help with managing your marketplace listings?

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