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Predictive analytics in eCommerce


An AI and predictive analytics engine that spans across content and storefront, inventory and logistics, demand generation and advertising.

Keeping your eCommerce business afloat requires endless decisions about product, pricing, promotions, inventory, advertising and more.

Simply thinking about it can be overwhelming.

eCommerce demand forecasting


Data-backed growth strategies to optimize costs, improve revenue and drive business growth.

Our AI engine decodes insights to generate actionable recommendations for your eCommerce business. Growth cycles are short lived and time critical. Act swiftly, and take decisions in real time,  to capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks.

Recommendations across Storefront, Ads and Inventory
Recommendations classified by the level of impact
Filter recommendations based on top impacted metrics
Share recommendations and exchange comments with colleagues
Assign recommendations to team members
Track progress of recommendations 
eCommerce recommendations engine
See our AI engine in action

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