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All you need to grow your eCommerce business, in one platform

Comprehensive dashboards, advanced analytics, in-depth insights, AI-powered growth strategies and more

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Plug and play

Easy, one click connect to integrate all your data sources across your entire eCommerce business.

Accurate and reliable

API integrations and a custom browser extension for direct data extraction from the source.

Real time

Get access to analysis, insights and recommendations and act on it in real time.

100+ data connectors available

Unlock the full potential of your eCommerce business with our all-in-one platform. With our seamless integration across all your data sources, powerful analytics and cutting-edge AI tools, we've got everything you need to skyrocket your online business to new heights. 


Say NO to spreadsheets

Monitor sales, marketing, and order data from marketplace and with Graas' Workspace dashboards.


Drive more revenue, right away

See the direct impact of traffic, conversion rate, and average order value on your revenue with our Business Deep Dive.


Track metrics that matter to you 

Build custom charts with Graas' Chart Builder to track your key metrics for collaborative decision-making.


Create top performing campaigns

Maximize your marketing ROI for every channel, product, and campaign with Graas' Marketing Deep Dive.


Boost conversions with AI

Take the guesswork out of optimizing campaigns or managing inventory with our Insights & Recommendations.


Go beyond 'What', understand the WHY

Prevent future losses by understanding the "Why" behind past issues with our Root Cause Analysis.

All Graas features work effortlessly so you can too!
All Features


Single source of truth for informed decision making
  • Gain a complete view of your eCommerce business in one glance.

  • Fully customizable drag and drop dashboards.

  • Simplified eCommerce analytics for your team.

    • CEOs and CMOs: Get instant business health snapshots.

    • eCommerce Managers: Easily monitor stores, SKUs, and orders.

    • Marketing Managers: Analyze campaign performance across channels.​


Business Deep Dive

Detailed analysis for deeper understanding
  • Track key business metrics and see how your stores, channels, and SKUs stack up against each other.

  • Decode your business performance with the help of the eCommerce equation.

       Revenue = Traffic x Conversion x AOV

  • Customize the equation to fit your specific needs - whether you prefer to calculate revenue as sales minus returns or sales minus discounts, the choice is yours.

Learn more

Business Deep Dive

Marketing Deep Dive

Campaign analysis on steroids
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  • Get a comprehensive understanding of your marketing performance across ALL sales and marketing channels.

  • Track all your key metrics in one place.

  • Onsite Ads vs Offsite Ads - analyze performance of creatives and keywords.

  • Identify top performing campaigns and stay on top of your budget and ad spends. 

Learn more

Marketing Deep Dive

Root Cause Analysis

Unlock the "Why" behind revenue fluctuations
  • You already know "What" happened. Now learn the "Why".

  • Revenue, Traffic, Conversion Rate and AOV - Uncover how your key metrics are connected and impact each other.

  • Double click to dig deeper into each metric and trace it down to its smallest dependency. Learn More​

Root Cause Analysis


Rely on science, not gut instinct

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  • Analyze channel performance and identify overlap using a scientific attribution models.

  • Use data to see which channels convert best, then invest more in your top winners.

  • Make only data backed decisions on campaigns and budgets.


Insights & Recommendations

AI powered growth strategies

  • Say goodbye to manual analysis and error prone results.

  • Your data now decoded using heuristic analysis, machine learning and pattern recognition algorithms.

  • Get strategic insights into the risks and the opportunities in your business.

  • Act on growth recommendations in real time and stay ahead of the competition. 

Insights & Recommendations


Centralised workflow, streamlined operations
In addition to its advanced data, analytics and AI capabilities, you can now manage your multi channel store operations with Graas. Content and storefront, inventory and logistics, demand generation and advertising - control every aspect
of your marketplace from one place.
Product Catalogue & Listing (CMS)

Manage live product listings across multiple sales channels from one

Inventory Sync & Management (IMS)

Maximise every sales opportunity with centralised inventory

Consolidated Order
Management (OMS)

Manage and track order processing flow on a central dashboard (online
and offline).

Finance &

View your invoices, order income, settlement and reconciliation reports in one place.

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