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Double Digit Campaigns in review: Success of brands using Graas in 2023

Updated: Jan 3

Double Digit Campaigns in review: Success of brands using Graas in 2023

As the year is coming to an end, it's time to reflect on how brands have performed this year with their Double Digit Campaigns. 

In this year-end wrap, we focus on how brands using Graas have exceeded the double-digit growth markers. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Recap: What are double-digit campaigns? 

Double Digit Campaigns take a unique spin, aligning with specific calendar dates—think 1st January, 2nd February, 3rd March, and so forth. 

It's a calendar-driven approach where brands create campaigns on dates with matching day and month digits, aiming for results that mirror the numerical synchronicity. 

Brands that have been running double-digit campaigns have seen a significant increase in the revenue generated as observed by our team. 

Double-digit campaign trends and highlights from Graas partners  

Graas, in 2023, has emerged as the game changer for brands during double-digit campaigns. 

The double-digit campaigns begin with Mega and Super Campaigns setting the stage - with Mega Campaigns being run on monumental dates such as 6.6, 9.9, 11.11, and 12.12. Brands can be seen approaching these dates with much higher budgets and intensified strategic efforts. 

On the flip side, Super Campaigns, marked by consistent dates like 1.1, 2.2, and 3.3, maintain a steady tempo throughout the year, which helps brands get continuous engagement from their customers. 

The key lies in creating compelling deals that generate excitement and also account for your business profits. Graas becomes the strategic backbone for brands looking to make the most of these double-date campaigns. 

The performance data from the 2023 Graas Marketplace Campaign in the SEA region highlights the following trends. 

1. Super campaigns build funnel, Mega campaigns drive conversions  

Equipped with more data, brands were seen approaching double-date campaigns more methodically. We observed brands investing in Super campaigns as a form of funnel building to establish an audience for Mega campaigns that were targeted at driving higher conversions. 

  • 11.11 Mega campaigns got the most number of orders compared to all the mega sales 

  • 10.10 Super campaigns saw the highest number of orders as compared to others because it occurs between two Mega sales 

  • 9.9 Mega campaigns saw 116% growth in the number of orders as compared to the last campaign 

2. Beyond business as usual

We noticed that anomalies in campaign performance are common across industries, impacting both BAU and the uplift in sales. 

Our data showed a surge in some campaigns that surpasses routine expectations. For example, the overall trend was followed by anomalies like the 6.6 mega sale seeing a staggering 11X uplift from BAU and 11.11 getting a 25X uplift. 

The following are the highlights from our analysis: 

  • The 10.10 campaign exhibited a YoY growth of 28% against the previous year, with an uplift of 11 times compared to the BAU period

  • During this campaign, we also saw Shopee's resurgence, contributing to 56% of the overall sales 

  • 3.3 Mega Campaign saw an 855% uplift in sales, becoming a focal point for the double-date campaigns

3. Shopee promises more traffic, Lazada drives more conversions 

Deep-diving into the nuances of channel split, Graas observed that Lazada and Shopee are being used by brands to fuel different stages of the purchase funnel. 

With the help of marketplace insights, brands were able to create leakproof funnels by helping them be present on channels of most activity. Some of the highlights we observed between the two include: 

  • Shopee has more traffic but Lazada converts better for our customers

  • Lazada consistently drove 50+% channel contribution to our brand’s revenue during Super and Mega campaigns

4. ‘Revenge spending’ helped the outdoor sector surge

Categories like Outdoor and Health and wellness surged by 50%. Detailed analysis reveals this long run of growth stems from the pandemic, with a fifth (19%) of consumers planning more holidays in 2024 to catch up on missed opportunities during the lockdown - a trend otherwise known as ‘revenge spending’. 

While related categories like Outdoor Fashion and Sports Food recorded an impressive 280.96% and 118.37% uplift respectively, we noticed that household products like kitchenware saw a decrease of almost 23%. 

Summarizing the uplift for top 5 Sectors:  



Outdoor Fashion




Healthcare equipment


Sports food


Health & Wellness


Graas brand victories in SEA during double digit campaigns

1. Omron

While Graas worked with many brands throughout 2023 to unlock new revenue opportunities through double-digit campaigns, Omron stood out with resounding success stories, conquering different markets.

Omron, asserted its dominance by securing the number 1 position as a non-dietary health and wellness brand in Singapore. It was also able to establish its market capture in Singapore, and Malaysia during the double-digit campaigns with the marketplace, consumer demand, and other insights from Graas.

2. Planet Traveler

Planet Traveler, another brand empowered by Graas, cemented its position among the top three best-selling brands in the accessories category in Singapore. The brand was able to assess and optimize their double-digit campaigns with Graas, allocating budgets to more in-demand product categories across platforms.

Planet Traveler ranks on top with Graas  Shopee Double Digit Sale

Best practices for double-digit campaign success 

We’ll not leave you with numbers only. Here are some best practices that you should keep in mind while preparing for your next double-digit campaign, or any campaign for that matter. 

Pre-Campaign Season (3-4 Weeks Before) 

  1. Ensure all product images are high-quality and meet marketplace standards because visual appeal significantly impacts click-through rates and conversion. 

  2. Create compelling and informative product descriptions, highlighting unique selling points and key features to entice potential buyers. 

  3. Create visually appealing banners that highlight product USPs and best deals as they increase storefront visibility and attract attention. 

  4. Confirm smooth inventory supply to prevent stockouts during campaigns.

Before Campaign (7-10 Days Before) 

  1. Align budget and optimization strategies with campaign objectives. 

  2. Leverage marketplace tools such as coins, cashback, sponsored placements, and flash sales.

  3. Create a sense of urgency with countdown timers in CEM messages. 

  4. Generate hype on social channels by promoting special deals. 

  5. Increase warehouse manpower to ensure timely order processing. 

On Campaign Day: Execution and Optimization

  1. Conduct a thorough quality check of prices and promotions. 

  2. Maintain a steady flow of promotions to sustain customer interest. 

  3. Analyze performance metrics throughout the day. 

  4. Monitor competitors and adapt strategies accordingly. 

Post Campaign: Ensuring Smooth Transition and Learning

  1. Verify that all campaign orders are shipped out on time. 

  2. Connect with buyers post-campaign and encourage reviews and ratings. 

By adhering to these best practices, brands can position themselves for optimal success during Double Digit Campaigns, maximizing their impact across platforms and ensuring sustained growth. 

Run your next double-digit campaign with Graas 

And with that, we wrap up this year's journey. To secure your brand's place among the top sellers on different marketplaces across countries, you need to have Graas on your side. It identifies opportunities, manages threats, and provides data-driven recommendations. 


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