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Data Security

Ensuring the security of your data is our top priority. All the data we collect is retrieved through multiple sources including standard APIs and other secured channels, guaranteeing direct and accurate sourcing. This data is securely stored in a database, adhering to the highest security standards and protocols to keep any and every potential threat at bay.


We implement robust AES 256-bit encryption standards to safeguard all your information within our data warehouse. This ensures that your data remains encrypted, even when stored in locations such as raw storage, cloud platforms, or databases.




We proudly hold ISO27001, SOC-2 certifications, PDPA, and GDPR compliance. Access to data is restricted and follows a strict policy in compliance with ISO requirements.


We leverage anonymous metadata collectively for analysis, insights, and recommendations. The system utilizes a feedback loop to continually learn and fine-tune algorithms for delivering enhanced insights and recommendations.

  • Data Retention and Compliance


Our data retention is limited to legitimate legal and business requirements, strictly adhering to applicable data protection laws and industry best practices.


  • Policy Scope and Applicability


Our Data Retention and Disposal Policy outlines how we store and process data, required retention periods for every category of data, as well as standards to be ensured for a secure deletion/disposing off.


  • Breach, Enforcement, and Compliance


We are committed to ensuring robust and continued compliance with the Policy and any associated legislation, undertaking regular audits and monitoring of our records, their management, archiving, and retention.


Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is tasked with ensuring the monitoring of compliance with these retention standards. If you suspect a breach, write to us at, and we will investigate and undertake all necessary measures.


You can learn more about our privacy practices on our Privacy Policy page. 

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