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All you need to know about the Graas Accelerator Program

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Graas Accelerator Program for eCommerce brands

Graas is a leading technology solution provider for eCommerce brands. We help brands identify and execute growth drivers and achieve exponential revenue growth. Following Graas' goal of helping brands achieve unprecedented growth, we have launched an invite-only Accelerator Program which helps retail brands tap into a growing consumer base and grow their online revenues.

The Graas Accelerator is a targeted program developed for select eCommerce businesses with the potential to scale. The program works on a revenue-sharing model and selects brands from a roster of applications. Brands then get the opportunity to leverage Graas' AI capabilities to optimize the business strategy and marketing campaigns for their growth.

In this article, we help you understand the Graas Accelerator Program, how it works, and how you can be a part of it.

Benefits of the Graas Accelerator Program

Growth Strategy

When you’re part of the Accelerator Program, Graas will help you develop your brand’s growth strategy for the eCommerce market, and help you understand and communicate your brand proposition better. The growth strategy combines the use of advanced AI/ ML tools and marketing campaigns to improve consumer engagement and enhance reach.

AI-predictive Engine

Brands participating in the Accelerator Program are given access to Graas' AI Predictive Engine. The engine is deployed for companies to

  • collect data from your online brand store, marketplaces, your marketing platforms, payment gateways and the rest of your eCommerce ecosystem;

  • monitor data such as revenue, order volume, product performance and the impact of various ad campaigns on revenue, an increase or decrease in order value over time, and beyond.

The Predictive AI engine also generates insights and comprehensive reports to help companies understand their brand better.

Further, the platform generates several recommendations based on the performance of the eCommerce brand, in order to enhance growth.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

As an important part of the program, paid as well as organic digital marketing campaigns are developed by the Graas team. The team helps the brand plan, organize, and execute all of its digital marketing campaigns during the period of engagement.

Another key component of the Accelerator Program is the management of ad spends. The cost of ad spends, when mismanaged can often end up costing a fortune without tangible results. Therefore, the program helps selected companies develop their advertising strategy and as part of the revenue sharing agreement, bears the cost of ad spends.

How does the program work?


Initially, the platform rolls out applications for a limited number of brands each month. Graas believes in engaging with brands that have a laser-focused approach on building a good product, and this is what makes the review process extremely rigorous.

The program looks for companies that operate their own eCommerce store and have a product that has the potential to scale, as witnessed by past sales numbers. The idea here is to support the growth and penetration of good products that the Indian market needs and prefers.

The Program

The program works on a revenue-sharing model, where all digital marketing and advertising expenses are borne by Graas. This allows brands to join the program without the need to pay any upfront fee or bear the cost of ad spends, in return for a share of the revenue generated with the help of the program.

The Goal

The primary objective of the program is to help companies achieve eCommerce growth through their brand website and marketplaces with the help of intelligent tools and adaptive strategies.

Why do you need to be part of the Accelerator Program?

Some of the key reasons why your eCommerce store needs the Graas Accelerator Program are as follows:

  • To scale an eCommerce brand, you need the right mix of domain expertise, tools, and technology. The program gives you access to all of them.

  • While you focus on your core strength, product development, we focus on sales and growth.

  • The program eliminates the need for companies to bear the cost of ad spends and marketing campaigns.

  • The program allows companies to compete with leading eCommerce stores & other brands on marketplaces and also helps improve engagement and retention.

  • Brands that have been part of the Accelerator Program have seen growth by up to 400% in just a year.

How to be a part of the program?

To be a part of the program, interested brands need to follow the following steps:

1. Application

First, you need to fill the application form provided on the Accelerator Program page. Interested candidates must share some fundamental details related to the brand. Next, a representative from the Graas team will contact the brand within 48 hours.

2. Shortlisting

After receiving the application, a team of growth strategists at Graas peruse the application and assess if your brand fits the bill for the program. Should your brand be eligible, your application will be shortlisted and moved to the review round.

3. Review

Once an application is shortlisted by the Graas Accelerator team, it undergoes a rigorous review process to assess the suitability of the brand for the program. The process involves due diligence along with performing a feasibility study to understand the viability of the project if the brand were to be selected for the program.

4. Finalizing the engagement

After the review process is completed, brands that are selected for the program will be duly intimated. The team from Graas will revert with a commercial contract containing the terms for the revenue sharing agreement. If all parties mutually agree to the conditions outlined in the contract, then the applicant is introduced to the program.

5. Onboarding

Once you become part of the Accelerator program, Graas prepares your eCommerce growth strategy, deploys the AI Predictive Engine for insights and recommendations, and helps you manage your everyday digital marketing operations.

If you believe your brand has the potential to grow exponentially and need a push in the right direction, contact Graas and apply for the Accelerator Program today!


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