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Our Story | Graas - Growth as a Service

Our Story

Graas was founded with a simple idea – to make digital growth accessible, profitable and scalable for eCommerce businesses.
eCommerce Growth
Level the playing field

Disrupt the monopolies in the eCommerce industry, so brands of every size and type can succeed.

eCommerce Profitable Growth
Protect margins

Have a direct impact on the bottom line. Be the engine that fuels predictable and profitable growth.

eCommerce Analytics from Data to Decisions
Do it with data

Help brands leverage data and advanced AI technology so they can scale their eCommerce business steadily.

And have fun while we do all this!

At Graas, we're all about our people. 
We’re passionate about innovation. 
We fail fast, so we can solve faster. 
We love tapping into the collective superpowers of our amazing team. 
We lean on, and learn from each other. 
We rock a killer work ethic while still making time for the fun and laughter that
makes it all worth the while.
Graas team Chennai
Graas team Singapore
Graas team India
Graas team Indonesia
Graas team India

Graas in numbers

Graas in Numbers




Data Points

D2C eCommerce platform

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