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From grassroots to greatness  

Get to know the people at Graas who bring our mission for eCommerce growth to life.
Meet the Data Engineering Team at Graas
Meet the Data Science Team at Graas
Meet the Product Team at Graas

Creating a supportive work environment

We strive to create an environment where every team member feels valued, respected, and supported, allowing for collaboration, innovation, and personal growth.
Lean & Learn

 An organization-wide program where we lean on each other's strengths for collaborative learning.

Stretching Exercises
Graas Healthy Habits Lifestyle Program

We make well-being a way of life at Graas. This organization-wide health and wellness initiative features contests across teams contributing towards a healthier and happier workplace.

Presenting an Award
Honor’s Club

A rewards & recognition program designed to acknowledge and celebrate not just the big milestones, but also the small wins and everyday efforts that make our workplace thrive.

Performance Review Program

We have a system for clear insights into KPIs, precise targets, comprehensive weightage, and detailed scorecards for transparent and accountable performance evaluation.

Modern Office
No Doors Policy

No cabins, only meeting rooms across all locations. We share workspace, tasks, and celebrations in an open culture, ensuring every member is approachable for a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Fists in Solidarity
Graduate Academy

Our exclusive campus recruitment drive is dedicated to scouting young and exceptional talent from prestigious universities.

Every day is a fun day when you work at Graas

Diwali Celebration Singapore
Graas team Chennai
Graas team Singapore
Graas team Indonesia
Graas team India
Graas - 1 year anniversary
Onam celebration - Graas
Graas offsite
Team Outing - Graas
Diwali Celebration - Graas
Halloween Celebration Graas
Graas team offsite
Team Outing at Graas
Graas team Pune office
Graas team Chennai
Graas team Indonesia
Graas team India
Graas team - all hands
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