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Campaign Optimization hacks for your eCommerce brands

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Campaign Optimization hacks for your eCommerce brands

The consumer market today is the most dynamic it has ever been. As a result, it becomes especially tricky for brands to manage and successfully execute their marketing campaigns.

However, there are some ways that you can tweak your campaigns to get the desired results without having to shell out a fortune every time you run one. These tips and tricks fall into the campaign optimization bracket.

Here are some campaign optimization tricks and hacks to help you boost your marketing strategy and take your sales to the next level.

Optimizing a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign

Running a PPC campaign requires effective management to keep budgets in check. It can be resource heavy and require significant upfront as well as operational expenses. However, when done right, these paid marketing campaigns can pay off equally well. Here are some ways you can optimize a PPC campaign to perform better.

Stay on top of keywords

Understand which keywords are likely to be more successful and attract the attention of the customer. This can be achieved with the help of a keyword planner. As important as it is to understand keywords, it is equally important to understand the intent behind keyword usage. While some keywords such as ‘best running shoes’ indicate a discovery intent, ‘low cost running shoes’ indicates that the customer is probably ready to consider options or even make a purchase. By bidding on the right keywords and showing the most relevant results for these keywords, chances of leading an interested customer to your website are much higher.


Another great way to improve the conversion rate for PPC campaigns is to create a localized landing page for your website. This helps customers browse products in their local currency while also providing them with necessary shipping and other policy-related information that is relevant to their region.

Website performance

The performance of your website is a major factor in deciding how customers will interact with it. A slow-loading website is highly likely to increase the abandonment rate and result in customers bouncing from your online store. If you have a high bounce rate from PPC campaigns, checking for your landing page’s load speed is one of the most important things to fix, followed by whether the content on the page matches what the person was looking for.

For faster landing pages associated with ads, you can consider adding Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) as landing pages for campaigns. Since these pages load a compressed script, they load faster, and ensure that people get to see what your offering is before they bounce.

Optimizing a paid social media campaign for eCommerce products

Social media platforms are one of the most influential factors today that help determine buying behavior for customers. This naturally makes them one of the most effective places to run paid marketing campaigns. Here is how you can improve your social media campaign performance.

More people are spending time on social media today, and passive scrolling can quickly turn into an impulsive purchase. In this context, if your ads are text heavy, they will most likely not convert, so use visuals instead. Likewise, do not be in a hurry to get people to fill forms or give away information. Instead, if you’re trying to sell a product, keep the focus squarely on the product itself.

Getting the most out of an organic campaign

Organic marketing campaigns are increasingly gaining popularity owing to their low-cost, brand building appeal. However, running a successful organic marketing campaign is difficult since it requires carefully curated that will last a lifetime and will help shape your brand. Here are some ways you can hack your organic campaign and convert more readers.

Address your audience

One of the primary efforts of an organic campaign must be to address the needs of the readers. Understand the market and your target customers, and learn about the kind of content they prefer to consume. As the content experience is enhanced, so is the conversion rate. This is why several eCommerce brands focus heavily on engagement-based content such as giveaways, topical content, Q&A sessions and the like. Such content makes it much easier to plug in your product as part of the solution being presented to the customer.

Use a tool like the Graas' AI Predictive Engine

The Grass' Turbocharger is an intuitive marketing tool to help you understand the performance of marketing campaigns and make necessary changes in real-time to help adapt to the market. The tool uses an AI engine to help optimize ad-spends, understand the dynamics of the ad interaction, and improve conversion rates. Here is how the Graas AI Predictive Engine helps hack paid campaigns for eCommerce brands.


When a recommendation is implemented by the brand, the Graas' Turbocharger tracks its performance throughout its lifecycle. It measures the quality of the recommendations and their impact on the brand to further improve the quality of recommendations.

Throughout the tracking phase, the platform helps brands understand the performance of their campaigns based on geographies, channels, and more.


The platform is always learning from multiple data streams to understand the needs of the brand and its target customers. Based on these sources of information, the platform’s AI adapts to changing market conditions and makes recommendations to help deliver the best campaigns.


The platform delivers all the information that it receives in the form of actionable insights through its dashboard. The analytics provide a broad overview of how the platform is helping the brand create a sustainable strategy, how the market is reacting to the changes in the system, and how the brand is likely to perform moving forward.


The AI engine uses data feeds from several sources and combines them with user interactions to understand trends and patterns. Based on these insights it makes recommendations for running, modifying, or changing campaigns.

These recommendations help brands understand which campaigns are yielding better results, which campaigns to invest in, and which campaigns to shut down.


While it may seem overwhelming to create a successful marketing campaign in a highly competitive market, the right skills, tricks, and tools can go a long way in gaining an edge. A marketing strategy is only as good as its execution. To experience how a data-driven platform can help you, sign up for Graas' Turbocharger today!


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