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Data-Driven decision-making with Marketing Deep Dive on Graas

Updated: Apr 24

Marketing Data Analytics Platform

To stay relevant and profitable in eCommerce, you need a strategic edge over your competitors.

It has become increasingly important for brands to position themselves precisely where their target audience resides.

However, the challenge lies not just in offering the best of products and discounts to buyers on these marketing channels. It lies in setting aside the right resources to make the brand visible on them despite the increasing amount of competition.

And the only way for brands to navigate the waters without drowning themselves, is data-driven marketing.

In this post, we will explore how Graas enables you to consolidate all your data sources into one unified platform, empowering you to make informed marketing decisions that are focused on optimizing resources for maximum returns.

How Graas helps with data-driven decision-making for marketing

With multiple sales and marketing channels for brands to be visible on, traditionally data is mapped in excel sheets. But switching between platforms to gather insights and consolidating the numbers across the platforms, can be prone to errors.

Worse still, losing crucial insights that highlight market opportunities and where you could potentially be losing revenue.

Graas’s Marketing Deep Dive is built to help brands get a comprehensive view of all their promotional efforts. From the various marketing channels like social media to marketplace data, the dashboard brings it all together.

Let’s see how you can analyze campaigns:

1. Track multiple store and marketplace performance

eCommerce is getting complex. When it started, you had limited options of where you could sell.

But now, the brand's presence extends across multiple sales channels or marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, and more.

It’s essential to understand the performance of each channel because each platform’s dynamics, customer behavior, and revenue potential are unique.

To ensure that your marketing efforts are producing positive results, you need a comprehensive view of how your products are faring on each platform.

With Graas Marketing Deep Dive, you’re able to dissect your sales performance across various channels with unmatched precision.

With Marketing Deep Dive, you can see which sales channels are most effective for you. It gives you the ability to compare how you’re performing on different channels. And we’re not just talking about high-level metrics like revenue and conversions; you can also see which store gets most impressions, higher click-through rate, etc.

You can also benchmark the various sales channels to see which is driving the most revenue and what you can slow down on.

Marketing Analytics Dashboard for eCommerce brands

2. Decisions based on marketing channels performance

Managing multiple campaigns across various marketing channels, such as Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, etc., is a complex task.

Each channel represents a unique opportunity to engage with your audience, but it also comes with the challenge of tracking and optimizing performance effectively.

Having to tackle the increasing amount of competition across all marketing channels, brands are now experiencing increased customer acquisition costs. And more campaigns are seen running on high spends, low ROAS.

Traditionally, brands have to collate data from the different insight dashboards of these channels. This creates discrepancy in the metrics they are measuring across channels, making it further difficult to benchmark or compare performance.

With Graas Marketing Deep Dive, you can view insights from all the marketing channels on one dashboard. This helps you evaluate performance in terms of both spends, ROI, sales made, revenue generated, and other common parameters of success with more ease.

With these insights, you can also further plan your campaigns on different channels to fuel different stages of the funnel. For instance, using Facebook to drive traffic, Instagram to retarget shoppers and Google search to drive sales.

3. Compare sales and marketing channel performance

It’s not enough to analyze sales and marketing channels in isolation. You find real insights when you combine the data from both channels to gain a holistic perspective of your performance.

This integrated approach allows you to answer questions like — is promoting your Shopee listing on Facebook generating a satisfactory ROI, or would your ad budget be better spent on Google Ads for Shopee, which is delivering significantly better results?

With Graas Marketing Deep Dive, you can evaluate the correlation and synergy between your sales and marketing efforts.

This means understanding not only which marketing channels are driving traffic but also which ones are converting that traffic into actual sales - and at what customer touchpoint.

Analyzing insights together helps you get away from the spray and pray approach, using the right marketing and sales channels in tandem. This also positively impacts your resource allocation, reducing burns on low performing campaigns.

4. Compare performance of ad creatives

Analyzing campaigns at the ad creative level with Graas Marketing Deep Dive offers a detailed and actionable view of your bottom-level marketing efforts.

While broader campaign analysis is essential, this granular approach tells you which ad creatives engage the audience the most.

Graas provides a comprehensive overview of your ad creatives, showcasing content, promotions, and audience responses. This insight helps you understand the effectiveness of your advertising content and resonates with your audience.

Real-time analysis of ad creatives reveals crucial eCommerce performance metrics such as Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Cost Per Click (CPC), ad reach, expenditure, and conversion rates.

It also tells you how many ads are using one creative. So, let’s say an ad creative’s performance is dipping and is used for 5 different ads. The best thing to do would be to get rid of that creative and save the marketing budget leaking on those five ads.

Moreover, optimizing ad creatives isn't only about improving conversion rates; it can also increase your Average Order Value (AOV). Create ad creatives strategically to encourage upselling or cross-selling, guiding customers toward higher-value purchases.

For instance, suggesting complementary products or offering tiered discounts based on purchase quantity can entice customers to increase spending. Graas tracks the impact of the changes you make in your ad creatives, helping you fine-tune your approach for maximum revenue generation.

Creative Analytics with Graas Platform

5. Based on keyword performance

It’s quite essential to understand the performance of keywords in your marketing campaigns. They are the bridge between your products or services and your potential customers.

Yet, there's often a gap between how your target audience discovers your business and the keywords you're actively bidding on. And when your decision-making is based on data, you can bridge this gap. Graas Marketing Deep Dive equips you with all the insights you need to bridge this gap.

With Graas, you can easily assess which keywords you're bidding on, how much you've invested in these keywords, and, more importantly, how much revenue they've generated. This information acts as a bedrock for making informed decisions about your keyword strategy.

What sets Graas apart is its ability to segment data by channels, allowing you to compare how a keyword performs on different platforms, such as Facebook versus a marketplace. This level of fine-tuning allows brands to figure out the effectiveness of keyword strategy across various channels and identify which channel needs keyword optimization.

Moreover, Graas also allows you to compare keywords with search terms. This analysis uncovers the gap between what you're bidding on and what users are searching for.

For instance, if there's a search term that's performing exceptionally well, but you're not actively bidding on it, Graas can guide you on how to integrate it into your keyword strategy.

On the other hand, if you're already bidding on a high-potential search term, Graas can help you optimize your spending for maximum impact.

Every dollar spent on marketing counts, and understanding keyword performance at this level of detail can be a game-changer for your eCommerce brand. With Graas, you can fine-tune your keyword strategy, ensuring your campaigns align with your audience's search behavior and ultimately boost traffic and conversions.

Let data drive the dollars with Graas marketing deep dive

Staying ahead requires more than just intuition—it demands the power of data-driven decisions. Enter Graas Marketing Deep Dive, a tool that allows brands to leverage the true potential of their marketing efforts.

With Graas, it's not just about having data; it's about having data that's accessible, insightful, and actionable.

Here's how Graas is leading the charge in data-driven decision-making:

  • Hierarchical Data Presentation: The Graas Marketing Deep Dive dashboard is designed with clarity in mind. As you scroll down, you see a progressively granular picture of your brand's marketing efforts.

  • Color-Coded Comparisons: Graas simplifies the process of comparing data. With color-coded visuals, spotting trends, identifying disparities, and making data-driven choices is hassle-free.

  • Real-Time Data: Graas pulls data directly from the source and presents it in real-time. This means your decision-making process is not only data-driven but also quick and responsive.

To unlock the full potential of Graas Marketing Deep Dive and take your brand's marketing strategies to the next level, try out the product today!


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